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Event Report: Body Positivity in Japan with plus- sized model Mariana

[日本語が続く][Japanese translation follows]

On May 30th, 2020, we held an online event on “Body Positivity in Japan” with the amazing Mariana (you can find her at @mariana.lysxo on Instagram)! Mariana is a plus-size model at Glapocha models. As a body positivity activist in Japan, she challenges societal beauty standards and advocates the acceptance of all bodies no matter the form, size, or appearance.

A total of around 50 people joined on zoom to listen to Mariana’s activism, thoughts, and opinions on body positivity. After the interview, a Q&A session was followed where any participant could ask Mariana what they were wondering about body positivity. The whole event was done orally in Japanese, with English translations written in the comment section as the event went by.

Body positivity is about believing that all bodies are beautiful and there is diversity in beauty. Beauty standards that are shown in magazines, television, and everywhere in the world may sometimes be harmful. Therefore, through challenging and questioning these standards, we can learn to love and accept ourselves and our bodies.

Some of the topics discussed in the online event were:

  • Body positivity inspires people to not limit themselves from being who they are! (ie: avoiding wearing certain styles of clothing, avoiding certain colors, etc.)

  • Misconceptions about body positivity: 
it encourages unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. Being heavy does not always equal unhealthy. 
Weight differences vary on many things such as medication, disease, etc. People outside the ideal BMI can be completely healthy and that’s why some countries have stopped using BMIs as an indicator.

  • Body positivity is a journey. We all have ups and downs, but body positivity helps increase the days feeling confident and happy!

  • Size and weight are only a part of body positivity. Body positivity also includes things like body hair, facial hair, skin, muscles, etc.

  • When someone criticizes your body, try to reply with kindness, understanding that they have narrow views.

  • What should be done to spread the message? In addition to women encouraging body positivity, more movement should be promoted by men, all genders, minorities, etc.

We hope you learned something in this event and how to love our bodies and others! See you at the next event!





  • ボディ・ポジティビティとは自分を制限しないで自由に生きることです。(例えば:服を選ぶ時に特定のスタイルや色を避けないこと等)

  • ボディ・ポジティビティについての誤解:不健康なライフスタイルと肥満を称賛している。必ずしも体重が重い=不健康とは限りません。体重は、薬や病気など、さまざまな要因によって異なります。「理想的」なBMIを超えていても健康であることももちろんあります。そのため、一部の国ではBMI使用をやめています。

  • ボディ・ポジティビティは毎日ポジディブでいるという意味ではありません。みんな人生は山あり谷あり。しかし、ボディ・ポジティブでいることは、幸せと感じる日や自分に自信がある日を増やすことができるのです。

  • 体型と体重はボディ・ポジティビティの一部にすぎません。ボディ・ポジティビティには、体毛、顔の毛、肌、筋肉なども含まれます。

  • 誰かに体や体型をを批判された場合、彼らが狭い視野を持っていることを理解して、優しさで返事するように心がけましょう。

  • ボディ・ポジティビティのメッセージをもっと広めるために何をすべき?女性がボディポジティブを奨励することに加えて、男性やマイノリティ、すべてのジェンダーなどによって広められる必要があると思います。